Architecture, Engineering and construction Marketing

construction_marketingWorking on existing projects as well as concentrating on new marketing initiatives can be tough. Busy with constant proposal demands, marketers are finding it very difficult. One of the major roadblocks they face in their efforts is getting the buy-ins from the leadership team. This is a crucial step towards any of the marketing initiatives. Without obtaining their points, the budget that is required for the initiatives and the staff might not be available to work on them. Architecture marketing agency Jumpfactor is one of the marketing firms that can work with you regarding this. You need to have some initial inbound marketing strategies set up as discussed in this link so your team can work better.

One of the key points in getting your buy-ins from the leadership is to keep them posted about the changes that are happening. It is important that every marketer remains on top when it comes to understanding the latest developments and technological trends. Apart from the marketers knowing these, if the leadership team can also learn, it will make the job easy for the marketing team. Some of the easiest ways to do this are by taking them to an event that talks about marketing, by offering them books to read and organizing a webinar by yourself so as to update them, etc.

To implement a strategy that requires money and resources, unless you have a strong business case, it might not be accepted. For some leaders, just discussing it would be enough, while some may require a lot of details in the form of a proper pitch. While making a pitch, it is necessary to include the benefits and also the challenges you may face in implementing the new initiative. Therefore, whenever you are going to talk about a new initiative, try to include as many points as possible so that you can convince everyone in the team. Think about the possible questions that might come up and address them in your presentation itself. You can also include any research points or charts and numbers that will add value to your pitch.

While marketing anything, it should align with the company’s objectives as it is going to take up the investment of the firm and its employees. Therefore, it is very difficult to sell your idea without considering this. If it gets tied to the strategy of the firm, the chances of saying no or rejecting the idea will be lesser. The best way to convince leaders about a strategy is to explain them exactly how the plan works and how it is going to help in achieving company’s objectives.

Finally, return on investment is very important for any marketing strategy. Therefore, do some research and understand if you can give some real-time examples to convince of the benefits. Without this promise, the leaders accepting your marketing ideas will be bleak. By building credibility and trust you can ensure that your ideas are always accountable. There is no guarantee that all the initiatives will work. But explaining the benefits of implementing it is very important.

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